Warrior K9 Academy
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Training Services

  • Personal Protection/ Home Security:

This is for the person that seriously wants to ensure that their dog will protect them, their home, in their vehicle, or place of business.  Every person's needs in personal protection are different, and it is important that you and your dog be evaluated to better understand what level of protection you desire and see if your dog has the proper drives to acheive the level of personal protection that you hope to gain and would be training for.

This program walks you and your dog through every step of the training including in the locations and environment which you live, walk, shop, etc.  By allowing us to train you to train your dog, you completely understand what went into your dog, how your dog will react in various situations, and most importantly, that you will be confident in your dogs abilities and in your control of your dog.  We do not train a personal protection dog for you and expect you to have the confidence that you should when relying on your dog for personal protection.  However, if you already have a trained personal protection dog and would like to hone your dogs skills and learn more about your dogs abilities, we can do scenario based training for you or simply put together a "maintenance training" program geared specifically for your lifestyle.

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  • Sport/competition training:

Advanced training for competition

For those who are interested in advanced training for competitive obedience and or protection sports.  There are several options for those interested in training for sport, we will evaluate your dog and your goals and help you decide which is your best option and put together a foundation training program to get you started.

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  • Police Service K-9:

Exclusively for Law Enforcement and security personnel that are looking to advance their training skills as well as the handler's understanding of their dogs capabilities.  Apprehension, scent detection, obedience and problem solving.  We also provide tactical training for high risk situations and high risk deployment.  Our goal is not to simply teach you how to handle your K9 partner, but to fully understand your dog's capabilities as well as learning how to train your dog (or your next K9 partner) for you and your departments specific needs.